Our _!!story!!_

Metrica Group is a consulting company devoted to helping its partners create and capture more value.

Companies hire us to find opportunities, optimize business processes, build new products and create transformational growth.

We analyze the market with the best-fit metrics system, we give a working formula to measure client’s success and have achievable KPIs․ Finally we bring together the full spectrum of strategy, marketing, development and creative tools to make your business work as a single system.

Our _!!founders!!_

A. Avakian

Armen A. Avakian

Chief Growth Hacker, Co-founder

Mr. Armen A. Avakian is the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Hacker at Metrica Group. He was previously an advisor to the Prime Minister of Armenia, the CEO of Business Armenia and a Partner/Regional Director at the Garrison Marketing Group.

Armen has personally overseen projects that cover over 120 brands worldwide. He has operated in over 25 countries. His client list includes, but is not limited to Danone, Carlsberg, EFES, P&G (multiple countries), Carlsberg Balkans, LEGO Denmark, Sportmaster Russia, Raiffeisen Bank Hungary, etc.

Armen is a Professor of Applied Marketing Strategies (MBA level) at the American University of Armenia. He has previously also taught at CEU Business School based in Budapest, Skolkovo, IE Business School, etc.

Armen is a published marketer with articles in leading marketing and advertising magazines in different countries.


Gevorg Muradyan

Chief Systems Architect, Co-founder

Dr. Gevorg Muradyan is a Co-Founder and the CEO of Metrica Group. He is also currently the Chairman of Yerevan State University Board of Trustees, as well as the CEO of Boltzmann, a financial consulting agency. He holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and previously was a senior advisor to the Prime Minister of Armenia.

While working in Armenia, EU and US in science, government and private companies Gevorg gained an excellent experience in management system architecture and deep insights into processes and operational constraints under it. His experience in quantum technologies and management systems developed his strong belief that if the laws of Physics do not limit you, everything is possible.

Gevorg is also a frequent speaker at conferences and corporate events on education and science reform issues and an author of numerous scientific publications.

Our _!!partners!!_

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Government Relations

Ministry of Economy of RA

AR & VR Solutions

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